63063_462931310571_943913_nFormed in 2004 by a group of friends that had one goal, to come together and make a dream a reality. Over the last several years OncetheSun has played hundreds of shows imbedding in people’s minds their unique blend of alternative hard rock and heavy metal. Combining female and male vocals, heavy rhythms, pianos & synths, and adding emotionally wrenching and soul searching lyrics has helped OncetheSun stand out from an over saturated scene. When not playing shows, OncetheSun is always working on new material. In ’07 OncetheSun Released their first album “Shadows” and in ’08 released their 1st E.P. “Blank Stares and Broken Words”.

horizontal1After a year and a half of solid work, OncetheSun released 2010’s “8 degrees below” full length album. Recorded at Bobby Peru recording studio in Milwaukee and mastered at the world famous West West Side Studios, OncetheSun finally found a way to let people experience the power of their live sound. Need convincing? Listen to the leadoff single “Kisses” and the popular “Day You said Goodbye” and you will see the direction the band was musically heading towards.

otsbandpic2The years following “8 degrees below” brought many opportunities, but it also brought hardships both personal and professional. Multiple rhythm guitar changes combined with the exit of original member & male vocalist Matt Halleman sidelined the group for some time. During the downtime OncetheSun released multiple “industrial” remixes on Bandcamp and worked hard to find a permanent guitarist. The position was filled in 2014 with the addition of Nick Mitchell. It was at this time it was decided that vocals were now to be handled solely by Anna Bohn. Reinvigorated, the group (now with the official line up of Anna Bohn on Vocals/ Piano/ Synths, Nick Mitchell and Jason Rabus on Guitars, Joshua Morrison on Bass and Samuel Morrison on Drums) immediately went to work on a new album.

2016 brought the release of “The Ghost Inside Me”. Focusing on heavier rhythms, darker synths and melodies, and bigger hooks “The Ghost Inside Me” is OncetheSun’s heaviest, most complete, and most accessible album to date. This album saw the band evolve their sound. Still utilizing their mix of alternative rock and metal, this album saw a more pronounced presence of gothic doom and some powerful heavy screams. It saw Anna Bohn become the official voice and frontwomen of the band. It also showed more musical depth from the band as a whole, both in songwriting and in concept. The album has received outstanding reviews and applause from respected sites and magazines such as DeadRhetoric.com, Battle Helm, and Ion Indie Magazine. OncetheSun was also given the honor of being named in the top 10 albums on Bandcamp in 2016 by Dead Rhetoric.com.

Not content to rest on their accomplishments, OncetheSun is already hard at work on a new album. 2017 will see a new album, a few new industrial remixes, and a continuance of a vision… to show the world that real music still exists. To show people that no matter what you have been through, no matter what you have seen, there is a light at the end of the tunnel… and OncetheSun will continue to be the soundtrack as you find redemption from your heartache.